Our Vision

Our vision is to provide people in need with necessary stepping stones.

Stepping stones like shelter, basic needs, and support can lead to stability for people who are experiencing homelessness. This is supported by the launch of the Stepping Stones Center. This vision includes facilities, support services, and resources that offer stepping stones along an accessible pathway toward stable housing and self-reliance for those in need. 

How this vision will be carried out.

Our operational vision will be carried out reality in three phases designed to create a pathway to self-reliance detailed below.

Phase 1

Sleep Center

The Sleep Center was opened in December 2022 and runs 7 nights a week, 365 days a year. This is located at 80487 US 395 in Hermiston.

Phase 2

Navigation Center

Incremental launch will begin as expanded facilities become available and already committed service delivery partners can be scheduled.

Phase 3

Individual Shelter Units

We are opening the first group of small housing units in 2023 to those demonstrating readiness. Additional units will be added as participant numbers increase.

How does this vision help individuals create a pathway to self-reliance?

Through a systematic progression spanning the Sleep Center, Navigation Center, and Housing Center, participants are empowered with the tools, resources, and support necessary to navigate the journey from vulnerability to resilience.


Sleep Center

Entering the Sleep Center

Night-to-night shelter for those in need 

  • Exterior securely fenced and lighted

  • Scheduled transportation to and from site

  • Options for individuals and families

  • Staffed during hours of operation

  • Basic food and hygiene supplies


Navigation Center

Engaging with Navigation Center

Needed services and access to resources available to active participants through Center staff, community partners, and volunteers

  • Participant goal and action plan support

  • Counseling and recovery program access

  • Technology resources for action plan work

  • Common area for groups and community

  • Scheduled transportation to and from site


Individual Shelter Units

Creating Stability with Shelter

Individual shelter units for participants engaged in personal action plan utilizing Navigation Center resources

  • Small units for one or two adults

  • Working or volunteering for unit credit

  • Utilizing on-site resources for future housing plan

  • Shower unit available per schedule

  • Outside covered common area