Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comprises a diverse group of experienced leaders and visionaries, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to guide our organization. 

_0001_Stepping Stones-Rodger Condie-2302

Roger Condie

Board Member and Chair

_0008_Stepping Stones-Chuck Barns-2298

Chuck Barnes

Board Member and Vice Chair

_0003_Stepping Stones-Michael Atkinson-2296

Mike Atkinson

Board Member and Treasurer

_0000_Stepping Stones-Sandy Francis-2301

Sandy Francis

Board Member

_0006_Stepping Stones-Glenda Moyer-2291

Glenda Moyer

Board Member

_0002_Stepping Stones-Phillip Spicerkuhn-2292

Phil Spicerkuhn

Board Member and Secretary

_0009_Stepping Stones-Cathy-2328

Cathy Lloyd

Board Member

_0004_Stepping Stones-Kire Barraza Ross-2315

Kire Barraza Ross

Board Member

Our Administrative Team

Fueling our day-to-day operations with a wealth of experience and a shared passion for our mission, our dynamic leadership team stands at the helm, ensuring seamless guidance and fostering positive change throughout our organization.

_0005_Stepping Stones-Jesalyn-2324

Jesalyn Cole

Executive Director

_0010_Stepping Stones-Carolina-2319

Carolina Delgado

Navigation Center Director

_0007_Stepping Stones-Cindy-2326

Cindi Jorgensen

Sleep Center Coordinator

Our Advisory Council

Our esteemed advisory council, comprised of industry experts and thought leaders, provides invaluable guidance and strategic insight, enriching our decision-making processes and contributing to the long-term success of our initiatives.

Left to right: Donna Carlson, Lee Carlson, Mike Castellaw, Janeal Castellaw, Dawson Quinton, Phil Spicerkuhn

Stepping Stones Advisory Council